Willemrivier comes into Kotzé’s ownership

Posted on Thu February 25, 2021.

In the early 1800’s a widow Carstens with four daughters lived on Willemsrivier. Two of them were twins. Behind the yard, in the direction of the fountain, there were pine trees planted in a row, which symbolised the four daughters. Today there are still remnants of the big trees left.

The first Kotzé’s on Willemsrivier was originally from Aurora in the Sandveld, next to the West Coast. According to tales they were a family with nine kids of which three went to the Nieuwoudtville area.

Two of the young men wed two of the widow Carstens’ daughters. In 1832 the widow transferred the land to the Kotzé son-in-laws. Die family name of the Kotzé’s, Johannes Paulus, is originally from the Carstens family. Willemsrivier has been in Kotzé ownership for 180 years.