The Rebellion of 1914

Posted on Thu February 25, 2021.

During the Rebellion everyone on Willemsrivier rebelled. Many farmers joined the rebellion, because they had the impression that they could get out from under English rule. There was also talk of the possibility of Germany helping the rebels against England. The Rebellion was also known as the Crying war because the farmers had a difficult time bidding farewell to their families and farms.

Everyone was sad and didn’t know if they would ever see their loved ones again. Two of Willemsrivier’s farmers, grandpa Theun and uncle Attie Kotzé, also joined the rebellion. Grandpa Theun, who was a bachelor, “didn’t have anything to cry about”.

Grandpa Theun’s horse, Heitsman, was a beautiful horse with strong hind legs. The horse was known for his ability to be very quick out of the starting blocks. Uncle Attie on the other hand had a tall, rangy horse with the name of Black. Black was known for having great stamina and being able to run far distances.

During the rebellion a close bond formed between Heitsman and his rider. Only one blanket was taken on this expedition and according to accounts grandpa Theun had to lie down quickly on his blanket or otherwise Heitsman would make himself at home on the soft fabric.

Sometimes the farmers slept against the saddle after saddling down. The Louw’s and

Kotzé’s as a precaution took turns standing watch under the pepper trees to protect the farm.

One night a chicken that was sleeping in the branches glided down to the ground. Then Attie Louw screamed extremely loudly: “Hands up!”. Of course, all to the great amusement of everyone gathered.