Land is Lost

Posted on Thu February 25, 2021.

In 1927 grandpa Theun Kotzé suddenly died of a heart attack next to the wood pile on Willemsrivier. At that point he was also in an oral agreement with Floors Louw to speculate in trading sheep. Grandpa Theun was forced to do an advance payment to buy the sheep, while Floors did the buying.

A loan of 800 pounds was registered at Standard Bank in Theun’s name, but according to accounts, grandpa Theun’s testimony wasn’t signed and Standard Bank came to own a large portion of Willemsrivier.

The bank manager informed the family that they didn’t need to be concerned though, because he would buy the land back at an auction and give it to the family when they buy it back. But like in most cases, the man did not keep his word, and he sold the land to a friend of his, Koos Louw of Oorlogsrivier.