Ghost stories

Posted on Thu February 25, 2021.

Lord Louw, grandma Mieta’s uncle, was a man who never worked. He was mostly dressed in a white jacket and liked to play the violin. Lord Louw had astounding amounts of coffee and he liked the beverage a lot, having the habit of looking away when the a cup was poured and it was almost full. Then he would wait until the saucer was full of coffee too and voice his approval.

In 1950 Pierre Wolfaart, a man who came from the Cape and opened a shop in Nieuwoudtville, landed at Ouplaas and hired it. He worked very hard at night – he plowed. In those years it was known as shared sowing – the tenant sows and plows the land and the owner of the farm receives a quarter of the production.

Late one night, after Wolfaart arrived home after his working on Ouplaas, uncle Willie Kotzé came by the next day at his shop in the town. Pierre said to Willie that he had seen that on his way back to town the previous evening he had seen that there was a dance at Willemsrivier.

“No, there was not a dance!” said oom Willie. “Yes, there was!” Pierre continued.

When Pierre stopped at the penny gate the previous night to open it up, he saw a man with a white jacket and violin between the pickup and the gate to the farm. He was forced to “reverse the pick up a bit” so that the man could come by.

Uncle Willie just made heard : O G ….it’s Lord Louw (already passed away in the 1920s).